Bruno BMA & Ghirigori Family Body Adornment Studios in collaboration with

One day workshop on Traditional body Branding ( strike branding ) and Cautery Branding. The workshop Includes powerpoint presentation and covers fundamentals, designs, making and applying strike brands and fire-direct brands, aftercare, healing, rituals. Live demos to including how to develop strike branding skills on white faced corrugated with sandbag props. This practice is necessary for anyone doing human branding to develop timing, aim & precision of strikes.

The workshop will be hold at:

Ghirigori Family body adornment studio
p.zza Garibaldi, 7
23848 Oggiono ( Lecco ) Italy
0341 575330

September monday 14th from 10.00 to 19.00

Little buffet available for the attendees.
Will be issued a certificate of participation
Extremely restricted places available, so if you interest hurry up!
The workshop will be in italian and english.

Due to the advanvced nature of this course, ALL students MUST be working in a studio.

For infos, cost and booking :